Throughout life, there will be times where we need to have difficult situations with others.

It might be a conversation about setting boundaries, negotiting a salary, providing feedback that isn’t very positive or sharing some bad news. These are only a few of a world of examples but whatever the difficult conversation, in the back of our minds we are nervous.

We are just a little bit worried about how this might come across.

We all have strong opinions, and when we approach difficult conversations it is important to consider the fragility of the topic. …

Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) has been a buzz word across many sectors, especially with hiring managers but many say that it is time emotional intelligence is taken seriously.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as:

The ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and diffuse conflict.

What are some key elements of emotional intelligence?

Self regulation is the ability to identify situations that cause behavioural changes then reducing the frequency and intensity of your impulses, and in some cases being able to resist these impulses completely. This is not to be confused with self…

In light of recent events, many of us are working from home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the beginning, it might be hard to set up a routine you’re happy with so I’ve written a few tips to get you settled into your new work from home schedule whilst maintaining your productivity.

Set up your Work from Home space

Create a quiet, comfortable environment where you can focus.

  1. Peace & Quiet: Find a quiet part of your home to create your work from home space. …

I woke up to a message from a close friend, to inform me that Barbie was now a Robotic Engineer. This message was then followed by a quote. The first words I said, on my first day whilst staring at the robotics cabinet in my universities electrical and electronic engineering department — “I love robots”. I would never live that down, but I still stand by that statement…

Barbie has accumulated over 130 careers in her 50 year lifespan, and this will now be her second career with an engineering focus. …

Phillipa Rodney

Engineering Manager, Mentor & Coach. Writing about various topics from Engineering to Self Care and Empowerment! ✨

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